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Our heartfelt thanks to the many of you who have supported us through the years and continue to support us. This couldn't happen without you!!

We are pleased to announce that in January 2012 the Uganda Girls Scholarship Foundation achieved registered charity status. As such, official receipts will be issued and your donations by Canadian donors will be tax deductible.

When you donate to the Ugandan Girls Scholarship Foundation 100% of your donation will be used toward tuition and supplies for the girls.

How YOU can make a difference:

$20 will buy a treated mosquito net. Students miss many hours of school each year
because of malaria. In fact, malaria remains the largest cause of death in Uganda.

$50 Cdn will buy school supplies for one child for an entire year including uniform, texts, exercise books, a backpack, a mosquito net, a wash basin and a trunk in which to carry personal belongings.

$500 Cdn will cover the entire cost of a child for one year in boarding school including accommodation, food, and school supplies.

$Any Amount will make a difference. We will pool all donations received to deliver the maximum impact.

Make a Bigger Difference

Are you able to make a large or long term donation. Perhaps you, or a group you know, would be able to provide $500/year for 6 years to support a student from S1 through S6? We would be happy to "match" you with a student. We will let you know everything we know about her and provide the opportunity to correspond if you choose.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our graduating students through university we would also be happy to discuss them with you. The costs will vary depending on their program of study and the institution that they attend. The opportunities to make a lasting impact here are endless!

Other ideas…

Help us out by holding a fundraiser with your friends. Do a 50:50 draw at your next family reunion, throw a party and charge a small cover fee, put a "small change" container on your desk at work, have a garage sale, get creative!

Feel free to contact us to discuss any possible option at

In January 2012 we achieved registered charity status. As such we would be pleased to provide you with an official receipt for you tax deductible donation.

Donations and Administrative Costs
Where does your donation go?
As always, 100% of your donation will go directly to providing a girl with tuition support. Our limited administrative costs include banking charges, wire transfers, long distance calls, and incidental costs incurred by our Ugandan liaison Paul Mulundo. These costs are covered by specific donations from donors who have designated their donation for the administration costs for UGSF.

Donations are always welcome! Please click on the Donate button to make an online donation using paypal. Donations can also be sent payable to:
Ugandan Girls Scholarship Foundation
2748 Lionel Crescent SW
Calgary, AB T3E 6B2
Can you, or a group you know, consider making a longer term commitment? The commitment would be for 6 years at $500/year. This amount would provide everything a girl needs to attend S1 through S6. ! Please talk to us about the various ways to contribute or any fundraising ideas that you may have!
The Ugandan Girls Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors thanks you for all you have done and all you continue to do.
Contact Information: or
Or contact Sheri Brake-Muyomba, UGSF President directly at (403) 689-9547.


Our Philosophy

As global citizens, we have an obligation to make a difference. We have chosen this project because it matches our personal values and beliefs, and, with your help, we are in a position to effect change. We are also pleased to be doing our part toward the accomplishment of the UN Millennium Development Goals.


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